was founded in 2018 with the goal of designing wallet phone cases to help users protect their valuable investments. Our company has grown from a one-man operation to an international wallet iPhone case leader.

We believe that the iPhones we use should be beautiful and well-designed both inside and out. Our cases are only made with premium materials like genuine leather or tough polycarbonate shells, so they stay durable but also lightweight. And because we understand how important our cases are outside of the protection they offer, we've also got dozens of designs that are as sleek as they are stylish. For example, our signature Wallet Phone Cases can hold your credit cards, cash, and ID without adding a lot of bulk.

  • Functional wallet cases

    We've got wallets, cardholder cases, and you can even get a mirror with your case!

  • Premium quality

    We offer the best materials to turn your iPhone into an accessory you can be proud of.

  • Style

    Our goal is to help those who loves their iPhone and want a way to show it off, but don't want to compromise on the protection of their device.

  • Every Purchase Helps The Planet

    We donate 1% of sales to the Stripe Climate Project which helps scale emerging carbon removal technologies. Learn more=>

Customer Testimonial

Love my new phone case. It's slim enough to slip in my back pocket, yet it holds a drivers license, a couple of credit cards and some cash. This is a much more reasonably priced alternative to the Bandolier and in my opinion just as durable.

William D.